Virginie Lafon

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This work presents preliminary results about the use of TerraSAR-X imagery for mapping intertidal habitats (oyster parks, seagrass meadows of Zostera noltii, sediments) along coastal lagoons (Arcachon lagoon, France). The combination of SAR and optical data appears to be useful to improve the discrimination of the various sediment and vegetation covers into(More)
This paper presents the hyperspectral field measurements acquired at Arcachon (France) over sediments and vegetation species characteristic of the macrotidal lagoon. The reflectance spectra are analyzed to define the variables of interest in order to propose a classification scheme useful for management purposes. The main results show that coupling winter(More)
The accurate measurement of suspended particulate matter (SPM) concentrations in coastal waters is of crucial importance for ecosystem studies, sediment transport monitoring, and assessment of anthropogenic impacts in the coastal ocean. Ocean color remote sensing is an efficient tool to monitor SPM spatio-temporal variability in coastal waters. However,(More)
This contribution explores the potential of high-resolution satellite SAR imagery (TerraSAR-X, ALOS-PALSAR) for mapping coastal habitats in complement of optical data (SPOT-5). It addresses X-and L-band SAR signatures over intertidal flats and coastal salt-marshes by investigating the mean backscattering coefficient ߪ 0 over the major environmental units(More)
− AVHR images recorded during 2001-2004 were used to analyse Sea Surface Temperature (SST) spatial variability in the Subtropical NorthEast Atlantic. The individual images were decimated into 4.4 km and merged into 15-day averages. To reduce remnant non-physical noise, several filters were developed. Diurnal thermocline formation stipulated that during year(More)
The Kalideos databases, initiated in 2001, aim at providing researchers with time series of multi-sensors and multi-resolution remote sensing imagery. Up to now, four reference datasets have been developed over multi-thematic sites. Each dataset has been used for various thematic applications: crop modelling; decision making aid in agriculture, land use(More)
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