Virginie Jaud

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The scattering strength of isotropic and anisotropic rough surfaces was experimentally and theoretically investigated for high frequencies about 500 kHz. Emphasis was placed on studying the response from three two-dimensional rough surfaces which roughness was either isotropic (characterized by a Gaussian distribution) or anisotropic (characterized by a(More)
The objective of this work was to study the scattering strength depending on the receiver and sound source positions compared to an anisotropic surface. Roughness scattering by an anisotropic rough surface was studied under controlled laboratory conditions at a frequency of 500kHz. Two kinds of anisotropic rough surfaces were used, both with a height of(More)
Statistically optimized near field acoustic holography (SONAH) is usually based on the assumption that all sources are on one side of the measurement plane whereas the other side is source free. An extension of the SONAH procedure based on measurement with an array of pressure-velocity probes has recently been suggested. An alternative method uses a double(More)
The war ureteral gunshot wounds (W.U.G.W.) are, in practice, scarce but not an exception. They are to be suspected in every war abdominal injury. Urethral catheterization, microscopic hematuria research, simple X-Ray and I.V.P. have to be undertaken; but it's never easy in wartime circumstances. Investigation must be carried out during intervention:(More)
In sixty abruptions of the placenta observed during eighteen months, a severe condition of shock was observed in thirty per cent of patients. This shock state is seen during the abruption or after delivery. It's essentially a question of hemorrhagic shock, the importance of hemorrhagy being often underestimated, if the drop of blood pressure and blood(More)
Statistically optimized near field acoustic holography (SONAH) differs from conventional near field acoustic holography (NAH) by avoiding spatial Fourier transforms; the processing is done directly in the spatial domain. The main advantage of SONAH compared with NAH is that the usual requirement of a measurement aperture that extends well beyond the source(More)
The first-order small slope approximation is applied to model the scattering strength from a rough surface in underwater acoustics to account for seafloor for high frequencies from 10 kHz to hundreds of kilohertz. Emphasis is placed on simulating the response from two-dimensional anisotropic rough surfaces. Several rough surfaces are described based on(More)