Virginie Grondin

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The absence of Tsa1, a key peroxiredoxin that scavenges H2O2 in Saccharomyces cerevisiae, causes the accumulation of a broad spectrum of mutations. Deletion of TSA1 also causes synthetic lethality in combination with mutations in RAD51 or several key genes involved in DNA double-strand break repair. In the present study, we propose that the accumulation of(More)
We have developed a simplified method for multiplex PCR based on the use of chimeric primers. Each primer contains a 3' region complementary to sequence-specific recognition sites and a 5' region made up of an unrelated 20-nucleotide sequence. Identical reaction conditions, cycling times, and annealing temperatures have been established for any PCR primer(More)
Bloom (BLM) syndrome is an autosomal recessive disorder characterized by an increased risk for many types of cancers. Previous studies have shown that BLM protein forms a hexameric ring structure, but its oligomeric form in DNA unwinding is still not well clarified. In this work, we have used dynamic light scattering and various stopped-flow assays to study(More)
Biochemical indicators are potent tools to assess ecosystem functioning under anthropic and global pressures. Nevertheless, additional work is needed to improve the methods used for the measurement of these indicators, and for a more relevant interpretation of the obtained results. To face these challenges, the platform Biochem-Env aims at providing(More)
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