Virginie Courtois

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The membrane displayed antigen haemagglutinin (HA) from several influenza strains were expressed in the Leishmania tarentolae system. This non-conventional expression system based on a parasite of lizards, can be readily propagated to high cell density (>10(8)cells/mL) in a simple incubator at 26°C. The genes encoding HA proteins were cloned from six(More)
BACKGROUND The increasing regulatory requirements to which biological agents are subjected will have a great impact in the field of industrial protein expression and production. There is an expectation that in a near future, there may be "zero tolerance" towards antibiotic-based selection and production systems. Besides the antibiotic itself, the antibiotic(More)
Antibiotics have shown a proven efficiency profile in therapy against some infectious agents for several decades. Nevertheless, a large-scale spreading of antibiotics in the environment, and emergence of resistant or even multi-resistant pathogenic bacterial strains has become a general concern promise to even further increase. Besides therapeutic(More)
Although iron is an essential mineral for maintaining good health, excessive amounts are toxic. Nowadays, much interest is focused on the mechanisms and regulation of iron metabolism by down-regulation of the hormone hepcidin. The HAMP gene encodes for hepcidin appears to be exceptionally preserved. Disorders of iron metabolism could lead to iron overload,(More)
Surface plasmon resonance imaging (SPRI) sensors allow the characterization of a metal/dielectric interface. Providing proper biochemical functionalization and spatial structuration of the functionalized surface, an optical biochip system--label free and real time--can be achieved. We study the impact of the different physical parameters on the quality of(More)
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