Virginia Yanes López

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BACKGROUND The "fitness" of an infectious pathogen is defined as the ability of the pathogen to survive, reproduce, be transmitted, and cause disease. The fitness of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDRTB) relative to drug-susceptible tuberculosis is cited as one of the most important determinants of MDRTB spread and epidemic size. To estimate the relative(More)
PURPOSE Polyamines are important regulators of cell growth and death. The polyamine modulated factor-1 (PMF-1) is involved in polyamine homeostasis. After identifying an enriched CpG island encompassing the PMF1 promoter, we aimed at evaluating the clinical relevance of PMF1 methylation in bladder cancer. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN The epigenetic silencing of(More)
DNA topology plays a crucial role in all living cells. In prokaryotes, negative supercoiling is required to initiate replication and either negative or positive supercoiling assists decatenation. The role of DNA knots, however, remains a mystery. Knots are very harmful for cells if not removed efficiently, but DNA molecules become knotted in vivo. If knots(More)
Array-CGH represents a comprehensive tool to discover genomic disease alterations that could potentially be applied to body fluids. In this report, we aimed at applying array-CGH to urinary samples to characterize bladder cancer. Urinary DNA from bladder cancer patients and controls were hybridized on 44K oligonucleotide arrays. Validation analyses of(More)
Implementation of telemedicine programs in Spain: experience of the main actors involved in the decision-making process Objective: To identify the main benefits and risks related to the implementation of telemedicine programs in Spain, based on the experience of the actors influencing the decision-making process. Participants and methods: We performed a(More)
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