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BACKGROUND Cystic hydatid disease is still an important health problem in European Mediterranean areas. In spite of being traditionally considered as a "benign" pathology, cystic echinococcosis is an important cause of morbidity in these areas. Nevertheless, there are few analyses of mortality attributed to human hydatidosis. OBJECTIVE To describe the(More)
Immigrants from undeveloped countries are a growing problem in Europe. Spain has become a frequent destination for immigrants (20% of whom are children) because of its geographic location and its historic and cultural links with Africa and Latin America. Eosinophilia is frequent in adult immigrants, travelers and expatriates coming from tropical areas.(More)
BACKGROUND Cystic echinococcosis (CE) is an important health problem in many areas of the world including the Mediterranean region. However, the real CE epidemiological situation is not well established. In fact, it is possible that CE is a re-emerging disease due to the weakness of current control programs. METHODOLOGY We performed a retrospective(More)
Ormond's disease (OD) is an uncommon process with an annual incidence nearing 1 per million inhabitants. The etiology in most of the cases is unknown and several pathogenic mechanisms are implicated in secondary OD. Ormond disease is characterized by a fibrotic and inflammatory mass with three different clinical features: i) retroperitoneal fibrosis, ii)(More)
A 61-year-old man from a rural area (Salamanca, Spain), who had contact with dogs, was admitted with generalized itching for 4 years. He was treated with oral antihistamines. A physical examination revealed greyish hyperpigmentation and severe lichenification and infiltration on the face, without mucosal pigmentation. His trunk and limbs showed xerosis,(More)
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