Virginia Valcárcel

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Chromosome evolution has been demonstrated to have profound effects on diversification rates and speciation in angiosperms. While polyploidy has predated some major radiations in plants, it has also been related to decreased diversification rates. There has been comparatively little attention to the evolutionary role of gains and losses of single(More)
Integration of unexpected discoveries about charismatic species can disrupt their well-established recovery plans, particularly when this requires coordinate actions among the different governments responsible. The Critically Endangered Coronopus navasii (Brassicaceae) was considered a restricted endemism to a few Mediterranean temporary ponds in a high(More)
The Mediterranean harbours the highest number of Hedera (Araliaceae) species, lineages, ploidy levels, and trichome morphologies of any area where the genus occurs. Previous molecular and cytogenetic studies identified two main centres of diversity for Hedera (Araliaceae), the eastern and western parts of the Mediterranean region. An explicit analysis of(More)
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