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Long-latency ERP components were examined for scalp activation differences in children with poor and good listening skills in response to auditory movement created by IIDs. Eighteen children were grouped based on a parent questionnaire (CHAPS; Smoski et al, 1998) and clinical evaluation by a licensed audiologist. Obligatory cortical responses were recorded(More)
With the aid of TV-image analysis the number, the area and the density features of melanin granules in neurocytes of the substantia nigra in a group of 3-month-old naive male rats and in a 21-month-old group of male rats treated for 18 months with saline, (-)deprenyl and (-)parafluorodeprenyl, respectively, were determined. According to the Kolmogorov(More)
OBJECTIVE The goal of the current study was to identify neurophysiological indices of binaural processing in children with no history of hearing loss or listening problems. The results will guide our efforts to diagnose children for whom impaired binaural processing may contribute to difficulty understanding speech in adverse listening environments. Our(More)
With the aid of a Robotron A6471 type TV-image analyser the number, total area, area of one granule and density features (sum, average of gray values and average gray value of one pigment granule) of melanin granules in neurocytes of the substantia nigra in 3-month-old and 3-year-old male rats were determined. The number of cells in sections of identical(More)
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