Virginia Savova

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In order to determine the points at which meeting discourse changes from one topic to another, probabilistic models were used to approximate the process through which meeting transcripts were produced. Gibbs sampling was used to estimate the values of random variables in the models, including the locations of topic boundaries. This paper shows how discourse(More)
This paper addresses the nature of visual representations associated with complex structured objects, and the role of these representations in perceptual organization. We use a novel experimental paradigm to probe subjects' intuitions about parsing a scene consisting of overlapping two-dimensional objects. The objects are generated from an abstract(More)
In mammals, numerous autosomal genes are subject to mitotically stable monoallelic expression (MAE), including genes that play critical roles in a variety of human diseases. Due to challenges posed by the clonal nature of MAE, very little is known about its regulation; in particular, no molecular features have been specifically linked to MAE. In this study,(More)
This paper presents an application of a Dynamic Bayesian Network (DBN) to the task of assigning Part-of-Speech (PoS) tags to novel text. This task is particularly challenging for non-standard corpora, such as Internet lingo, where a large proportion of words are unknown. Previous work reveals that PoS tags depend on a variety of morphological and contextual(More)
An unexpectedly large number of human autosomal genes are subject to monoallelic expression (MAE). Our analysis of 4,227 such genes uncovers surprisingly high genetic variation across human populations. This increased diversity is unlikely to reflect relaxed purifying selection. Remarkably, MAE genes exhibit an elevated recombination rate and an increased(More)
This goal of this paper is to defend the plausibil-ity of the argument that passing the Turing test is a sufficient condition for the presence of intelligence. To this effect, we put forth new objections to two famous counter-arguments: Searle's " Chi-nese Room " and Block's " Aunt Bertha. " We take Searle's argument to consist of two points: 1)(More)
Recently, data on 'random' autosomal monoal-lelic expression has become available for the entire genome in multiple human and mouse tissues and cell types, creating a need for better access and dissemination. The database of autoso-mal monoallelic expression (dbMAE; https://mae. incorporates data from multiple recent reports of genome-wide(More)