Virginia Ruiz Garate

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The protection of vulnerable road users (VRU) remains one of the most challenging problems for our society and several governmental and consumer organization has set targets to reduce the VRU fatality and injury rates. The automotive industry is, therefore, developing pedestrian and cyclist detection systems that combine pre-crash sensing, risk estimation(More)
Bioinspiration in robotics deals with applying biological principles to the design of better performing devices. In this article, we propose a novel bioinspired framework using motor primitives for locomotion assistance through a wearable cooperative exoskeleton. In particular, the use of motor primitives for assisting different locomotion modes (i.e.,(More)
Assistive technology forecasts better autonomy for people with lifelong disabilities and for the elderly facing motor decline. As the population of developed countries is becoming greyer, there is thus a high probability of observing a significant increase in the demand for assistive locomotion devices. Designing the controller for such devices is not(More)
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