Virginia Ruiz-Albacete

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In this contribution, the vulnerabilities of iris-based recognition systems to direct attacks are studied. A database of fake iris images has been created from real iris of the BioSec baseline database. Iris images are printed using a commercial printer and then, presented at the iris sensor. We use for our experiments a publicly available iris recognition(More)
— Biometric methods based on iris images are believed to allow very high accuracy, and there has been an explosion of interest in iris biometrics in recent years. In this paper , we use the Scale Invariant Feature Transformation (SIFT) for recognition using iris images. Contrarily to traditional iris recognition systems, the SIFT approach does not rely on(More)
The most common account based password used for authentication is Textual passwords. But Textual passwords are in risk to phishing attack, burette force attack, social engineering and shoulder surfing. Biometrics is used for human recognition which consists of authentication, verification and recognition. Biometric passwords are introduced as alternative(More)
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