Virginia Peiro

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OBJECTIVE To describe the clinical impact of PET/CT in the management of patients with vulvar cancer. MATERIAL AND METHODS Retrospective analysis of 13 PET/CT studies with (18)F-FDG (6 staging and 7 suspected recurrence) corresponding to 10 patients diagnosed with vulvar cancer by biopsy, with a mean age of 64.5 years. The preoperative PET/CT study was(More)
We analyze 402 drug-adverse events consisting of movement disorders or aggravation of parkinsonisms, submitted to Sistema Español de Farmacovigilancia until 1994. Our aim is to know patient characteristics and the drugs related with these submissions. Most of them (64) belong to calcium-entry blocker group (31%) and benzamides (27%). Case age intervals more(More)
An 89-year-old male, with rectal adenocarcinoma, stage IIA, treated with transanal resection, end anastomosis and radiotherapy is reported. At the last follow-up, he shows significant elevation of CEA serum levels, changes in bowel and an extraparietal rectal nodule. 18F-FDG PET/CT scan showed a tumor local recurrence, pelvic lymph node involvement,(More)
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