Virginia P Richmond

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354 pages. Integrating new research and examples throughout, the second edition of The Knowing Organization links the broad areas of organizational behavior and information management. It looks at how organizations behave as information-seeking, information-creating, and information-using communities and introduces a unifying framework to show how(More)
The construct of Management Communication Style (MCS), presumed to be a product of the organization's leadership style and the supervisor's communication style, was advanced as a theoretical predictor of employee satisfaction. It was found that MCS could be consistently and reliably measured and that MCS was linked in a linear fashion to employee(More)
The degree of association between supervisor and subordinate perceptions of the supervisor's leadership style, use of power by the supervisor, and the supervisor's conflict-management style was studied in 87 organizational units representing five service-oriented organizations. The ability of the supervisors' and subordinates' perceptions, individually and(More)
Amiloride-sensitive Na+/H+ exchange in plasma membrane vesicles prepared by sucrose density gradient centrifugation of mitochondria-rich posterior gill cells in two species of crabs (Callinectes sapidus and Carcinus maenas) was examined by acridine orange fluorescence quenching. Sodium-loaded vesicles injected into sodium-free incubation medium (pHout =(More)
Predictors of breast and cervical cancer screening among vietnamese immigrant women" (2006). Master's Theses. Although practicing preventative healthcare is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, some high-risk populations do not engage in preventative screenings for cancer. Vietnamese American women constitute a high-risk group in gynecological cancers,(More)
  • Heather Lynn Skilton, Heather Skilton, Lynn, John L Gordon, Robert C Kenzer, Agecroft Hall +1 other
  • 2016
A tale of two houses, transported : Virginia House and Agecroft Hall" (1997). Master's Theses. Paper 971. This thesis examines why and how two couples in Richmond, Virginia came to purchase and transport from England to America two ancient English manor homes. A brief overvie\v of the backgrounds and ideas of Alexander and Virginia Weddell and Thomas C. and(More)
Learned fear and reaction to novel stimuli: behavioral and hormonal stress responses in the maternal rat" (2006). Master's Theses. Paper 855. The present thesis examines the relationship between reproductive experience and the behavioral, neural, and hormonal processes of learned fear in the female rat. Multiple research models indicate that reproductive(More)