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Analyzing the Job Demands-Control-Support Model in Work-Life Balance: A Study among Nurses in the European Context
The present research shows that effective management of nurses’ work context can decisively contribute to finding the difficult balance between personal and professional time. Expand
The Loyalty of Tourism in Synagogues: The Special Case of the Synagogue of Córdoba
The results showed that there is strong loyalty to the heritage site as well as the destination, and the expected and perceived value of the destination and the historical monument using a structural research equations methodology. Expand
Comparing working conditions and job satisfaction in hospitality workers across Europe
The results demonstrate the existence of three different models of working conditions in Europe leading to differing levels of job satisfaction in tourism, which do not correspond to the clusters identified by the previous literature. Expand
Working on your own: Comparing European dependent and traditional self-employment with salaried employment through personal, occupational, and self-perceptional features
This work explores personal/family, occupational and self-perceptional features of salaried employees versus self-employed´s ones to comparatively corroborate whether the advantages ofExpand
Decent Work as Determinant of Work Engagement on Dependent Self-Employed
This article analyzes with a holistic and systematic approach the state of working conditions in self-dependent workers, as well as their effects on workers’ work engagement. For this, a distinctionExpand
Youth entrepreneurship Bibliometric analysis and specialized literature
We analyzed young entrepreneurship published on the Web of Science from 1959 until 2018. The information was made using the bibexcel and clarivate analytics software, identifying and categorizing theExpand
Tourist loyalty and mosque tourism: The case of the Mosque-Cathedral in Córdoba (Spain)
This research aims to analyze the loyalty of tourists of Islamic origin in the Cathedral Mosque of Cordoba by considering cultural factors in the analysis of loyalty of Islamic tourists in mosque tourism. Expand
Analysis of Wellbeing in Nongovernmental Organizations’ Workplace in a Developed Area Context
An analysis of constructs in employees in European nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) was developed and the main hypothesis of the job demand–control–support (JDCS) model and the causal relationship among physical and psychological demands, work control, and support from supervisors and colleagues with the level of employee wellbeing are confirmed. Expand
Lessons from the First Wave of COVID-19. What Security Measures Do Women and Men Require from the Hotel Industry to Protect against the Pandemic?
Women are more demanding than men in relation to a set of measures including ensuring good hygiene conditions, the use of disinfectants, the existence of health and information checks, adapting the establishment to WHO recommendations, obtaining quality certification, measuring temperature, and the elimination of physical contact between people. Expand