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Bonus rewards for everyone: Enhancing mathematics performance with supplemental interdependent group contingencies
Abstract Teachers regularly apply independent group-oriented contingencies (e.g., each student who scored above 89% gets a reward) which are designed to enhance students’ academic performance andExpand
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Academic Success of General Education College Students Compared to those Screened as Twice-Exceptional and Gifted
In this study, the high school and college GPAs of college students who were screened as twice-exceptional were compared to college students screened as gifted and average college students. From aExpand
Success of Students Screened as Twice-Exceptional as a Function of Major Selection and Academic Strength:
In this study, the success of 6,054 college students screened as twice-exceptional (2e; i.e., those with significantly discrepant math vs. reading scores on the ACT [formerly, American College Test...
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