Virginia M. Carter

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Worldwide, estuaries are experiencing water quality problems as a result of human population growth in coastal areas. Chesapeake Bay, one of the world's largest estuaries, has experienced deterioration of water quality from nutrient enrichment, sediment inputs, and high levels of contaminants, resulting in anoxic or hypoxic conditions and declines in living(More)
In five tributary streams (four inflowing and one outflowing) of 1600-ha Trout Lake in northern Wisconsin, USA, we examined factors that can affect the magnitude of stream flow and transport of dissolved organic and inorganic carbon (DOC and DIC) through the streams to the lake. One catchment, the Allequash Creek basin, was investigated in more detail to(More)
Clinicians recommend soft cervical collars to immobilize the cervical spine following trauma. They apply them either as intended by the manufacturer or reversed (collar rotated 180 degrees), purportedly to achieve limitation in a specific direction. This study investigated the effectiveness of soft cervical collars in limiting cervical range of motion when(More)
Dye injection studies and direct velocity and water-level measurements were made in macrophyte stands and adjacent channels in order to observe the effects of the macrophyte stand on flow and mass exchange in the tidal Potomac River. During the summer, dense stands of submersed aquatic plants cover most shoals <2 m deep. Continuous summertime water-level(More)
Asymptotic equivalence results for nonparametric regression experiments have always assumed that the variances of the observations are known. In practice, however the variance of each observation is generally considered to be an unknown nuisance parameter. We establish an asymptotic approximation to the nonparametric regression experiment when the value of(More)
Volatile sulfur compounds such as alkylmercaptans are undesired impurities in natural gas streams. As a result, natural gas treatment and purification services are essential in many industries that utilize natural gas either as a fuel or in a chemical process. While there are many analytical methods that can be employed for the measurement of mercaptans, a(More)
  • Doug Aberley, Lowell Adams, +43 authors Dreamal Worthen
  • Urban Ecosystems
  • 2005
Doug Aberley Lowell Adams James Agee Ann M. Bartuska John M. Blair Richard D. Boone Daniel B. Botkin Lawrence A. Brown Mary Cadenasso Virginia Carter F. R. Cole Will Craig Phillip J. Craul William Currie Herman Daly Delvin S. Fanning Chris Field R. J. Greenwood Glenn Guntenspergen Eric Gustafson John Hadidian Richard Hamman Paul Hendrix Carolyn T. Hunsaker(More)