Virginia L Harrod

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Reduction of thrombus size and recanalization of vessels after deep vein thrombosis (DVT) are important goals to prevent recurrent thrombosis and development of postthrombotic syndrome. Thrombolysis is effective but concern for bleeding complications has limited its use in children. We retrospectively analyzed data for children with DVT treated with a(More)
OBJECTIVES Although functional asplenia in sickle cell disease (SCD) begins early in life and has important clinical consequences, quantitative measurement of splenic function is not readily available. A novel high-throughput flow cytometric method for quantitating Howell-Jolly bodies (HJB) has been developed which isolates HJB-containing CD71(+) and(More)
This study was aimed at developing ligands to evaluate tumor hypoxia by planar scintigraphy. Two 2-nitroimidazole analogues were developed as precursor compounds to image hypoxic tumors. Both tosylmisonidazole (Ts MISO) and tosylerythronitroimidazole (Ts ETNIM) were labeled with 131I. The biodistribution and autoradiographic evaluations by planar(More)
Hydroxyurea has documented laboratory and clinical efficacy for children with sickle cell anemia (SCA), and has potential to become an effective and inexpensive treatment option for patients in countries with limited resources. Concerns exist, however, regarding product quality and manufacturing variability among different international vendors,(More)
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