Virginia L. Ballarin

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When segmenting magnetic resonance (MR) images, a wide range of useless information arises, which has to be discarded as a step prior to classifying the different cerebral cortex areas. To obtain effective results during the classification process, it is necessary to work with images solely containing the brain and eliminate the cranium and surrounding(More)
Aperture filters are image operators which combine mathematical morphology and pattern recognition theory to design windowed classifiers. Previous works propose designing and representing such operators using large decision tables and classic linear pattern classifiers. These approaches demand an enormous computational cost in order to solve real image(More)
One of the main issues concerning automatic design of W-operators is the one of generalization. Considering the designing of W-operators as a particular case of designing a pattern recognition system, in this work we propose a new approach for the automatic design of binary W-operators. This approach consists on a functional representation of the(More)