Virginia Kulik

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BACKGROUND Unpublished research is a frequent and reported problem. Objective. To analyze factors associated to approval, development and publication of research protocols submitted to Hospital Garrahan Institutional Review Board. METHOD Descriptive and observational study. The characteristics from every protocol submitted to the IRB (January/2001 to(More)
Fractures of the shin are often accompanied by injuries of muscular and cutaneous branches of the tibial and fibular nerves. In patients with a similar trauma there appears a polyvalent complex of pathological reactions and functional disorders. An experience with treatment of patients with the above pathology allows a conclusion to be made that treatment(More)
A retrospective analysis of results of treatment of 104 patients with fractures of long tubular bones associated with injuries of peripheral nerves has shown complex therapy to be necessary. Main components of this treatment were biogenic stimulators, vitamin B12, spasmolytic and dehydration drugs in combination with electrophoresis with potassium iodide(More)
Forty-five patients with open and closed diaphyseal fractures of the shin are observed during a 10-day period after trauma. Serum contents of thyroxine, triiodothyronine, thyroxine-binding globulin, and cortisol are determined in radioimmune assay. Blood is taken fromv. femoralis of intact and fractured legs. Statistical mathematical models of changes in(More)