Virginia H. Brecher

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Visual defect inspection and classification are important parts of most manufacturing processes in the semiconductor and electronics industries. Defect classification provides relevant information to correct process problems, thereby enhancing the yield and quality of the product. This paper describes an automated defect classification (ADC) system that(More)
Automatic inspection has become an essential part of manufacturing technology for integrated circuit (IC) chips, but three trends in the geometries of ICs and the chips that they comprise have serious implications for inspection, making further advances in technology challenging. The individual devices (e.g., transistors) are becoming smaller, with the(More)
This paper describes a machine vision technique and associated system (the P300) for automated inspection of integrated circuit chips on multi-level patterned wafers for pattern defects and particulates. This inspection has been variously referred to as “micro,” “first optical,” and just “defect inspection.” Despite the fact that this inspection is(More)
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