Virginia González

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Lipophilic marine toxins pose a serious threat for consumers and an enormous economic problem for shellfish producers. Synergistic interaction among toxins may play an important role in the toxicity of shellfish and consequently in human intoxications. In order to study the toxic profile of molluscs, sampled during toxic episodes occurring in different(More)
Biology is generating more data than ever. As a result, there is an ever increasing number of publicly available databases that analyse, integrate and summarize the available data, providing an invaluable resource for the biological community. As this trend continues, there is a pressing need to organize, catalogue and rate these resources, so that the(More)
This study has the objective of using qualitative data to support theoretical and practical implications of important methodological problems affecting the assessment of bilingual children's cognitive and language development. Three instruments were used for accurately identifying gifted students among seventeen Hispanic bilingual kindergartners (first,(More)
The economic importance of Solanaceae plant species is well documented and tomato has become a model for functional genomics studies. In plants, important processes are regulated by microRNAs (miRNA). We describe here a data base integrating genetic map positions of miRNA-targeted genes, their expression profiles and their relations with quantitative fruit(More)
BACKGROUND Cross-reactivity between soybean allergens and bovine caseins has been previously reported. In this study we aimed to map epitopes of the major soybean allergen Gly m 5 that are co-recognized by casein specific antibodies, and to identify a peptide responsible for the cross-reactivity. METHODS Cow's milk protein (CMP)-specific antibodies were(More)
Writing patterns of a Chinese English-as-a-foreign-language (EFL) learner were analyzed as a case study from linguistic, pragmatic, and psycholinguistic perspectives. Alternative assessments were used by American pre-service teachers and a Taiwanese EFL instructor for rating linguistic developmental problems referring to format, style, syntax, and grammar.(More)
A qualitative method for assessing the cognitive nd linguistic development of bilingual children is presented, and its underlying model is discussed. The model views language learning as a concept formation process in three domains: cognitive; cultural; and linguistic. This method has been found useful in accurately differentiating genuine handicapping(More)
Myrcianthes ferreyrae is an endemic, endangered species, with a small number of individuals located only in hyperarid, fog-oases known as lomas along the Peruvian desert in southern Peru, where fog is the main source of water. Following centuries of severe deforestation, reforestation with this native species was conducted in the Atiquipa lomas,(More)
Computational biology is an interdisciplinary science bred from fields as disparate as mathematics, chemistry, statistics, physics, biology, and computer science. Although the exact definition of computational biology is far from being precise and unambiguous, it is a fact that hundreds of scientists around the world have been increasingly using skills from(More)
Conventional chemotherapeutic treatments for breast cancer produce high systemic concentrations while local concentrations in the diseased tissue are relatively low. In contrast, targeted therapeutics provide the promise of low systemic dosage, and therefore, modest or no side effects, while producing high local concentrations at the tumor. Fluorescent,(More)
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