Virginia Garcia-Martinez

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In chromaffin cells, SNARE proteins, forming the basic exocytotic machinery are present in membrane clusters of 500-600 nm in diameter. These microdomains containing both SNAP-25 and syntaxin-1 are dynamic and the expression of altered forms of SNAREs modifies not only their motion but also the mobility of the associated granules. It is also clear that(More)
We have examined whether degeneration of nigrostriatal dopaminergic neurons causes dysfunction of both the basal ganglia-thalamic and cerebello-thalamic pathways. Changes in the activity of thalamic neurons receiving input from the basal ganglia or the cerebellum were examined in two models of Parkinson's disease, 6-hydroxydopamine (6-OHDA)-lesioned rats(More)
Chromaffin cell catecholamines are released when specialized secretory vesicles undergo exocytotic membrane fusion. Evidence indicates that vesicle supply and fusion are controlled by the activity of the cortical F-actin–myosin II network. To study in detail cell cortex and vesicle interactions, we use fluorescent labeling with GFP–lifeact and acidotropic(More)
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