Virginia Garcia Diaz

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Mating partners need to recognize, assess each other, and exchange information through behavioral events that occur before, during, and after mating. Sexual signals, as well as life history traits, are influenced by selective pressures and environmental factors that can vary across distant geographical areas. Allocosa senex is a sand-dwelling wolf spider(More)
Particle identification at high multiplicities is a key feature of the COMPASS experiment at CERN's SPS. Hadrons up to 50 GeV/c are identified by a RICH detector with a large horizontal and vertical acceptance of plusmn250 mrad and plusmn180 mrad, respectively. The central region of the photon detector is equipped with multi-anode photomultiplier tubes, the(More)
The semi-inclusive difference asymmetry A + −h − for hadrons of opposite charge has been measured by the COMPASS experiment at CERN. The data were collected in the years 2002–2004 using a 160 GeV polarised muon beam scattered off a large polarised LiD target in the kinematic range 0.006 < x < 0.7 and 1 < Q < 100 (GeV/c). In leading order QCD (LO) the(More)
RICH counters for PID in the high momentum domain and in large acceptance experiments require photon detectors covering extended surface of several square meters and able to accept Cherenkov photons in a wide angular range. An ideal approach is represented by gaseous photon detectors, which allow covering wide surfaces at affordable costs.
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