Virginia Galera

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Despite the fact that the differences in epidermal ridge density between men and women have been accepted for some time, they have only been thoroughly demonstrated in a small number of populations. The aim of this study is to determine whether such differences exist in a sample of the Spanish population by counting epidermal ridges within three(More)
A total of 963 skeletons (408 Whites and 555 Blacks) from the Terry Collection were studied to examine macroscopic cranial methods of age estimation. The methods of Acsádi and Nemeskéri, Masset, Baker and Meindl and Lovejoy were applied to every skull. The results indicate that the most accurate techniques in this application were those that consider(More)
The minutiae, a term coined by Galton to refer to the small peculiarities present along the length of every isolated ridge, or characteristic points, a term used primarily by the Spanish Police Scientists, have an inter- and intrapopulation variability which has not been extensively studied. However, these peculiarities constitute the bases for the(More)
The ear has been used since the 19th century as a valuable instrument in personal identification. Its special interest is due to the morphological complexity of the structures involved. The aim of the present investigation is to establish the morphological variability of the helix tubercles in a sample of the Spanish European population (303 individuals(More)
This article shows the morphological variability of the earlobe in a Spanish population of European origin. The frequencies of four lobe characteristics (attachment, contour, modeling, and size) and their degree of expression were studied. The relationship among the characteristics and the differences involving sex and laterality were also considered. The(More)
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