Virginia E. Rezmierski

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The University of Michigan recently instituted a university-un " de policy to encourageethical and responsibleuseof infxvnation resources,Ethics and values issuesabounded making the processof developing the policy itself, lively and interesting. The pzper presents an overview of issues,dilemmas and value conflicts facedduring the development of theMichigan(More)
As rapidly as the technology is changing, college and university administrators are being faced with ethical and values issues regarding the use of information technology on their campuses. In many cases when a behavioral incident happens involving the technology, the administrator is pressed to respond—to react-even before they have had sufficient(More)
Bitnet: User@@umichum varwus ins fifufional responses to fhese issues and identified other sources of information regarding these issues. INTRODIJCTION The new technological capabilities to electronically access and share information and to create and represent information, have led to a variety of different, and in some cases questionable and concerning(More)
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