Virginia Berg

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The photosynthetic organs of the barley spike (lemma, palea, and awn) are considered resistant to drought. However, there is little information about gene expression in the spike organs under drought conditions. We compared response of the transcriptome of the lemma, palea, awn, and seed to drought stress using the Barley1 Genome Array. Barley plants were(More)
Functional analysis of remote 5'-flanking sequences from the human thyroglobulin gene in primary cultured dog thyrocytes led to the identification of a partly cAMP-responsive enhancer, located between -3.6 to -2.2 kb from the transcriptional start site. Deletion analysis of the 1.4 kb-long region localised the enhancer activity in a 0.5 kb-long fragment(More)
Footprinting experiments involving the human thyroglobulin gene enhancer and thyroid nuclear extracts revealed a protected region called X2, containing an incomplete cAMP-responsive element (CRE). Band-shift experiments identified two binding activities recognizing the X2 element: a CRE-binding protein (CREB)/activating transcription factor (ATF) relative(More)
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