Virgine Dufour

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Nine germ-line Ig heavy chain variable (VH) segments (including three pseudogenes) were isolated from a genomic DNA library, and the other six were obtained by PCR, using 5'and 3' primers deduced from the first three. They appear to belong to a homogeneous VH gene family, with >80% sequence identity. This sheep VH gene family is related to the human VH4(More)
The sheep genome contains 60 to 90 V lambda genes distributed in least 6 different families, whereas 37 V lambda genes and 10 families exist in humans. Comparison with human V lamda sequences indicates that sheep V lambda genes display less overall sequence divergence, but are closer to the genes most frequently used in the human peripheral repertoire. In(More)
The design of a defined synthetic minimal medium for Campylobacter jejuni strain NCTC 11168 that includes only inorganic salts and necessary amino acids and vitamins is useful in physiological assays and responses to exogeneous agents. In silico genomic analysis of biosynthesis pathways was preliminarily performed prior to experimental assays to determine(More)
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