Virgilio Cruz Machado

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Going lean/green is a trend more manufacturers are beginning to recognize as important in an era of economic austerity and environmental responsibility. Unlike lean supply chain, which focuses on ways to improve operations and cut wastes from the customer’s perspective, green initiatives look at ways to eliminate waste from the environment’s perspective.(More)
The rapid advancement in information and communication technologies (ICTs) has brought enormous business opportunities as well as challenges. One of these challenges is the demand for ICTs skills and expertise in adopting and implementing these emerging technologies. Coping with skills shortage poses a serious challenge across all European countries. Lack(More)
The modern business environments are subject to uncertainties that can adversely influence the supply chain performance. Demand information sharing between supply chain entities can improve the supply chain performance. To encourage them to share information, the generated benefits need to be comprehensively recognized. Simulation allows doing so. This(More)
Supply Chain Management (SCM) is crucial to be present in global markets as nowadays competition is between supply chains rather than companies. Current SCM paradigms like Lean, Agile, Resilient, and Green (LARG) are usually presented as individual management philosophies. The current challenge is to make the supply chain more competitive, capable of(More)
Nowadays many companies are undergoing organizational transformations in order to meet the changing market demands. Thus, in order to become more competitive, supply chains (SC) are adopting new management paradigms to improve SC performance: lean, agile, resilient and green (LARG paradigms). The implementation of new production paradigms demands particular(More)