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Liposomes are non toxic and biodegradable lipid vesicles, which are safe and effective adjuvants to induce Th1-skewed immune response. Therefore, the encapsulation of allergens into liposomes could be an attractive alternative for specific allergy immunotherapy. Previously, we obtained DPPC iposomes encapsulating purified allergens from Dermatophagoides(More)
Standardized allergen vaccines have been developed and registered as biopharmaceutical products in Cuba. Three different vaccines were obtained from the most relevant allergenic mite species: Dermatophagoides pteronvssinus, Dermatophagoides siboney, and Blomia tropicalis. Immuno-analytical methods based on murine monoclonal antibodies and human IgE(More)
The proteoliposome (PL) of Neisseria meningitidis serogroup B has been reported as a safe and potent vaccine adjuvant, inducing a TH1-skewed response. The present study describes a pre-clinical safety evaluation of an allergy therapeutic vaccine candidate based on purified allergens from Dermatophagoides siboney house dust mite and PL as adjuvant, both(More)
rendered background IgE levels only. In accordance, sera of OVA mice which permitted mast cell degranulation upon OVA trigger in a specific b-hexosamin-idase release assay, whereas sera of OVA-AAVLP mice did not contain anaphylactogenic antibodies. In an in vivo anaphylaxis experiment, upon intravenous OVA challenge OVA-immunized mice presented significant(More)
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