Virgilio A. Centeno

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Inescapable shock (IS) exposure induces behavioral inactivity, related to behavioral alterations in subsequent tests (i.e. escape failure during shuttle box task). Previous studies have demonstrated that various antidepressant treatments administered either before or after IS exposure reversed these behavioral deficits. Recently, we demonstrated(More)
An internet-based, real-time, Global Positioning System (GPS)-synchronized relative to the wide-area frequency-monitoring network (FNET)-has been developed at Virginia Tech. In this FNET system, an algorithm that employs the relationship between phasor angles and deviated frequency [13] is used to calculate both frequency and its rate of change. Tests of(More)
(ABSTRACT) A single-phase grid connected transformerless photovoltaic (PV) inverter for residential application is presented. The inverter is derived from a boost cascaded with buck converter along with a line frequency unfolding circuit. Due to its novel operating modes, high efficiency can be achieved because there is only one switch operating at high(More)
ZVZCS full-bridge converters, soft-switched three-phase buck rectifier, space vector modulation. ABSTRACT A systematic and versatile method to derive accurate and efficient Circuit Oriented Large Signal Average Models (COLSAMs) that approximate the slow dynamics manifold of the moving average values of the relevant state variables for Pulse-Width Modulated(More)
Distributed generation (DG) is getting more and more popular due to the environmentally-friendly feature, the new generation unit developments, and the ability to operate in a remote area. By clustering the paralleled DGs, storage system and loads, a microgrid (MG) can offer a power system with increased reliability, flexibility, cost effectiveness, and(More)
(Abstract) This dissertation aims to present a detailed analysis of the grid voltage disturbance in frequency domain for the current control design in the grid-tie inverter applications and to propose current control techniques in order to minimize its impact and maximize feasibility of the power conditioning system in distributed generations. Because the(More)
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