Virgil Adumitroaie

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In this project, an advanced computational software tool will be developed for the design of low emission combustion systems required for Vision 21 clean energy plants. Vision 21 combustion systems, such as combustors for gas turbines, indirect fired cycles, furnaces, and sequestrian-ready systems, will require innovative low emission designs and low(More)
A closure for the compressible portion of the pressure-strain covariance is developed. It is shown that, within the context of a pressure-strain closure assumption linear in the Reynolds stresses, an expression for the pressure-dilatation can be used to construct a representation for the pressure-strain. Additional closures for the unclosed terms in the(More)
On 27 August 2016, the Juno spacecraft acquired science observations of Jupiter, passing less than 5000 kilometers above the equatorial cloud tops. Images of Jupiter's poles show a chaotic scene, unlike Saturn's poles. Microwave sounding reveals weather features at pressures deeper than 100 bars, dominated by an ammonia-rich, narrow low-latitude plume(More)
Introduction: NASA’s program for human return to the Moon incorporates several major themes, including science activities, preparation for crewed missions to Mars, and extending human presence on the Moon to enable eventual human settlement [1]. To a considerable extent, these themes are complementary, but the themes and the relative emphasis of specialized(More)
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