Virgínia Silva Rocha

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Type 1 Neurofibromatosis (NF1) is a disease with diverse manifestations. Few studies have addressed the psychological aspects associated with it from the perspective of those who have NF1 or their relatives. In this study 46 subjects were interviewed, 28 people with NF1 (Group P) and 18 relatives (Group F) seeking to identify the understanding of the(More)
Autism develops before 30 months of age. Autistic disorder is characterized by a qualitative impairment in verbal and non verbal communication, in imaginative activity, and in reciprocal social interactions. Communication in autism is so strikingly impaired that the function of the hearing system has been under study over the past 30 years, namely after the(More)
Through a quanti-qualitative study, we observed the effects of group expressive therapy (ET) sessions on patients' feelings and sense of well-being, as part of the Infusion of Life project. This project is part of a broader programme to improve integral care, developed by an interdisciplinary team headed by a medical doctor who is also an artist and expert(More)
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