Virgínia Maria Chaves-Alves

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Pectin lyase (PL) induction by organic and inorganic components of yeast extract (YE) was evaluated in Penicillium griseoroseum, cultured in a mineral medium containing sucrose, by determining PL activity (A235) and mycelial growth (mycelial dry weight). The lowest YE concentration that promoted significant PL induction without acting as a carbon source for(More)
About 270 yeast isolates were screened for xylitol production using xylose as the sole carbon source. The best isolate, Debaryomyces hansenii UFV-170, released 5.84 g L(-1) xylitol from 10 g L(-1) xylose after 24 h, corresponding to a yield of xylitol on consumed substrate (Y(P/S)) of 0.54 g g(-1). This strain was cultivated batch-wise at variable starting(More)
Xylanolytic enzymes produced by Lentinula edodes UFV70, cultivated in eucalyptus sawdust/rice bran medium, were stable at 50, 60 and 65°C for 21 hours, losing only 15-25% activity. Fungus incubation at 50°C for 12 hours and at 65°C for 24 hours increased the amount of xylose produced.
Eleven filamentous fungi were screened for xylitol production in batch cultures. Production was generally low under the growth conditions used in this study. Penicillium crustosum presented the highest production, 0.52 g L from 11.50 g L of D-xylose, representing consumption of 76% of the original D-xylose.
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