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About 270 yeast isolates were screened for xylitol production using xylose as the sole carbon source. The best isolate, Debaryomyces hansenii UFV-170, released 5.84 g L(-1) xylitol from 10 g L(-1) xylose after 24 h, corresponding to a yield of xylitol on consumed substrate (Y(P/S)) of 0.54 g g(-1). This strain was cultivated batch-wise at variable starting(More)
Pectin lyase (PL) induction by organic and inorganic components of yeast extract (YE) was evaluated in Penicillium griseoroseum, cultured in a mineral medium containing sucrose, by determining PL activity (A235) and mycelial growth (mycelial dry weight). The lowest YE concentration that promoted significant PL induction without acting as a carbon source for(More)
Xylanolytic enzymes produced by Lentinula edodes UFV70, cultivated in eucalyptus sawdust/rice bran medium, were stable at 50, 60 and 65°C for 21 hours, losing only 15-25% activity. Fungus incubation at 50°C for 12 hours and at 65°C for 24 hours increased the amount of xylose produced.
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