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Detecting Spammers on Twitter
With millions of users tweeting around the world, real time search systems and dierent types of mining tools are emerging to allow people tracking the repercussion of events and news on Twitter.Expand
Capacity Planning for Web Services: Metrics, Models, and Methods
From the Publisher: The #1 guide to Web capacity planning — now completely updated! A quantitative analysis of Web service availability An integrated coverage of benchmarking, load testing,Expand
Characterizing user behavior in online social networks
We present a first of a kind analysis of user workloads in online social networks using detailed clickstream data, summarizing HTTP sessions of 37,024 users who accessed four popular social networks. Expand
Characterizing reference locality in the WWW
The authors propose models for both temporal and spatial locality of reference in streams of requests arriving at Web servers. Expand
A methodology for workload characterization of E-commerce sites
We propose a methodology for characterizing and generating e-commerce workload models in terms of Customer Behavior Model Graph (CBMG), that is used to describe the behavior of groups of customers who exhibit similar navigational patterns. Expand
Performance by Design - Computer Capacity Planning By Example
Practical systems modeling: planning performance, availability, security, and moreComputing systems must meet increasingly strict Quality of Service (QoS) requirements for performance, Availability,Security, and maintainability. Expand
Capacity Planning and Performance Modeling: From Mainframes to Client-Server Systems
This example-driven, easy-to-read exploration of capacity planning of computer systems is designed to be accessible and relevant both to practising professionals and those with little mathematical background. Expand
On word-of-mouth based discovery of the web
We present a detailed analysis of word-of-mouth exchange of URLs among Twitter users and show that Twitter yields propagation trees that are wider than they are deep. Expand
Capacity Planning for Web Performance: Metrics, Models, and Methods
Preface. Theme and Approach. Who Should Read this Book. Book Organization. Acknowledgments. Book's Web Site and Authors' Addresses. 1. When Performance Is a Problem. Introduction. Client/ServerExpand
Dengue surveillance based on a computational model of spatio-temporal locality of Twitter
Twitter is a unique social media channel, in the sense that users discuss and talk about the most diverse topics, including their health conditions. Expand