Virgílio A. F. Almeida

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Understanding how users behave when they connect to social networking sites creates opportunities for better interface design, richer studies of social interactions, and improved design of content distribution systems. In this paper, we present a first of a kind analysis of user workloads in online social networks. Our study is based on detailed clickstream(More)
Performance analysis and capacity planning for e-commerce sites poses an interesting problem: how to best characterize the workload of these sites. Tradition al workload characterization methods, based on hits/set, page views/set, or visits/set, are not appropriate for e-commerce sites. In these environments, customers interact with the site through a(More)
We present what we believe to be the first thorough characterization of <i>live</i> streaming media content delivered over the Internet. Our characterization of over 3.5 million requests spanning a 28-day period is done at three increasingly granular levels, corresponding to clients, sessions, and transfers. Our findings support two important conclusions.(More)
Traditionally, users have discovered information on the Web by browsing or searching. Recently, word-of-mouth has emerged as a popular way of discovering the Web, particularly on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. On these sites, users discover Web content by following URLs posted by their friends. Such word-of-mouth based content discovery(More)
Most parallel jobs cannot be fully parallelized. In a homogeneous parallel machine | one in which all processors are identical | the serial fraction of the computation has to be executed at the speed of any of the identical processors, limiting the speedup that can be obtained due to parallelism. In a heterogeneous architecture, the sequential bottleneck(More)
A number of online video social networks, out of which YouTube is the most popular, provides features that allow users to post a video as a response to a discussion topic. These features open opportunities for users to introduce polluted content, or simply pollution, into the system. For instance, <i>spammers</i> may post an unrelated video as response to a(More)
Quality of service of e-commerce sites has been usually managed by the allocation of resources such as processors, disks, and network bandwidth, and by tracking conventional performance metrics such as response time, throughput, and availability. However, the metrics that are of utmost importance to the management and shareholders of a Web store are revenue(More)
There has been considerable work done in the study of Web reference streams: sequences of requests for Web objects. In particular, many studies have looked at the locality properties of such streams, because of the impact of locality on the design and performance of caching and prefetching systems. However, a general framework for understanding why(More)
Online social networks (OSNs) have become popular platforms for people to connect and interact with each other. Among those networks, Pinterest has recently become noteworthy for its growth and promotion of visual over textual content. The purpose of this study is to analyze this imagebased network in a gender-sensitive fashion, in order to understand (i)(More)