Virendra S Mathur

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We reviewed the records of 10,661 patients who had undergone coronary angiography at the Clayton Foundation Cardiovascular Laboratories between 1 June 1974 and 15 March 1986, and identified major coronary artery anomalies in 83 adults. In addition, we included in our review 9 adults and 2 adolescents who had been referred for evaluation of anomalies(More)
Plasma half-life and metabolic clearance rate of antipyrine administered intravenously in a dose of 16 mg/kg body weight was studied in 10 children suffering from protein calorie malnutrition and five normal children matched in age and sex. Plasma half-life was increased and metabolic clearance rate was decreased in malnourished children (10.4 hr and 47.1(More)
OBJECTIVE To audit the acquisition of prescribing skills of pre-clerkship medical students in a problem-based learning (PBL) curriculum that incorporates a prescribing program. MATERIAL AND METHODS Student performance in pharmacotherapy stations included in six out of eight end-of-unit-objective structured practical examinations (OSPE) was evaluated using(More)
Internal mammary arteries are the grafts of choice for coronary artery bypass because they are generally free of atherosclerosis and they have high patency rates as grafts. There are, however, increasing reports of graft failure due to diffuse or distal narrowing, known as the string phenomenon. From June 1999 to October 1999, we prospectively reviewed all(More)
BACKGROUND Radiocontrast nephropathy (RCN) is a common source of acute renal failure in hospitalized patients and is associated with increased morbidity and mortality rates. Fenoldopam mesylate is a dopamine A1 receptor agonist that augments renal plasma flow (RPF) in patients with normotensive and hypertensive conditions. To determine whether fenoldopam(More)
A prospective randomized study to evaluate aortocoronary bypass was done on 116 patients (56 surgical, 60 medical) who had documented coronary artery disease (70% luminal obstruction in a major artery). The two groups were similar in age and risk factors. All patients have been followed for a mean of 34 months, and recatheterization has been done in 106 of(More)
6 children with protein calorie malnutrition (PCM) and 5 control children received a single dose of sulfadiazine (25 mg/kg body weight). Absorption rate constant in the control group was 0.735 +/- 0.058 h-1 and in PCM 0.519 +/- 0.03 h-1. Peak blood levels of the drug were similar in both groups. However, the time to reach the peak was shorter in the control(More)
Acetaminophen disposition was studied in 11 children suffering from Protein Calorie Malnutrition (PCM) and 5 (age matched) control subjects using the time plasma concentration curve obtained after a single oral administration of 10 mg/kg of the drug. Absorption rate constant (Ka) was not altered in PCM. Elimination rate constant (Ke) was decreased(More)
UNLABELLED Despite successful therapies for chronic hypertension, hospital admissions for hypertensive emergency more than tripled between 1983 and 1992. OBJECTIVE To examine the safety and efficacy of fenoldopam, the first antihypertensive with selective and specific action on vascular dopamine (DA1) receptors, in a clinical trial involving emergency(More)