Virendra K. Mathur

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Acidogenesis and solventogenesis byClostridium beijerinckii NRRL B-593 has been studied in batch growth, and in sucrose-limited chemostat and recycling fermentor growth. Cells grown in batch culture without pH control primarily produced either butyric and acetic acids, or these acids plus butanol, ethanol and isopropanol in ratios depending on the medium's(More)
Three methods of providing in situ protection to an ischemic kidney were compared in dogs. These were surface cooling using external coils, transvenous hypothermic perfusion and intravenous inosine. The dogs were divided into 3 groups with 20 dogs in each group. Group 1 had the artery occluded for 45 minutes, group 2 for 60 minutes and group 3 for 90(More)
Between 1967 and 1974, 58 consecutive patients underwent total cystectomy and urinary diversion for primary carcinoma of the bladder. Preoperative irradiation was not used. The postoperative mortality was 3.4 per cent. The over-all 5-year survival rate for patients with transitional cell carcinoma was 62 per cent. For patients with O, A and B1 tumors the(More)
"This paper presents a two-sector dynamic model of regional population change. The model contains a migration equation, an earnings equation, and an amenity equation for each region. In the context of this model, migration is seen as a disequilibrium process through which the regional populations move towards equilibrium positions. Migration occurs when(More)
Time-resolved spectroscopy measurements of LiF:Mg,Cu,P luminescence are presented to obtain a better understanding of the emission characteristics of this material. The intensities and decay of the emission bands were studied as a function of annealing temperature and ionising radiation (gamma) dose. Two peaks in the emission were observed at 367 and 466 nm(More)
The authors attempt to bring the theory of regional amenity value determination together with a theoretical framework on migration to form a cohesive theoretical model. They build on previous efforts to do this by introducing factors such as the housing market and determination of the equilibrium level of real full income. The implied geographical focus(More)
13c Microkinetic analysis of water-promoted CO oxidation, water-gas shift, and preferential oxidation of CO on Pt for hydrogen generation Ashish B. Mhadeshwar and Dionisios G. Vlachos To Use this Index: Scroll down or use the bookmarks in the left-hand frame to move to a new location in this index. Click on a blue paper title to view that paper. To return(More)
Fuel cells are electrochemical devices which convert chemical energy of a reacting fuel directly into electricity with high efficiency and no pollution. Proton Exchange/ Polymer Electrolyte Membrane (PEM) fuel cells are likely to be among one of the most promising energy sources for transportation, heating and power generation. Some of the key materials(More)
The mode of reproduction of the Indian population ofAphelenchoides besseyi was studied under different temperatures and on different fungal species used for culturing the nematode. Although parthenogenetic reproduction in this species was recorded on all the fungi tested, the influence of the different fungal species on development and population buildup(More)