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Inherited loss of P/Q-type calcium channel function causes human absence epilepsy, episodic dyskinesia, and ataxia, but the molecular "birthdate" of the neurological syndrome and its dependence on prenatal pathophysiology is unknown. Since these channels mediate transmitter release at synapses throughout the brain and are expressed early in embryonic(More)
A rich variety of tools help researchers with high-performance numerical computing, but few tools exist for large-scale combinatorial computing. The authors describe their efforts to build a common infrastructure for numerical and combinatorial computing by using parallel sparse matrices to implement parallel graph algorithms. M odern scientific(More)
Indians undergoing socioeconomic and lifestyle transitions will be maximally affected by epidemic of type 2 diabetes (T2D). We conducted a two-stage genome-wide association study of T2D in 12,535 Indians, a less explored but high-risk group. We identified a new type 2 diabetes-associated locus at 2q21, with the lead signal being rs6723108 (odds ratio 1.31;(More)
  • C L Smith, V N Shah, T Kao, G Apostolakis
  • 2001
Traditional probabilistic risk assessments (PRAs), in general, do not include passive SSCs (systems, structures, and components) since they are much more reliable than the active components. Aging phenomena, however, may make passive SSCs less reliable than assumed. Further, operation of power plants over durations of decades may lead to degradation of(More)
BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVES Information on gastrointestinal manifestations and then response after curative parathyroid surgery is scarce in symptomatic primary hyperparathyroidism (PHPT). This study was carried out to analyse gastrointestinal manifestations in patients with PHPT and their associations with biochemical parameters. METHODS This retrospective(More)
Large–scale computation on graphs and other discrete structures is becoming increasingly important in many applications, including computational biology, web search, and knowledge discovery. High– performance combinatorial computing is an infant field, in sharp contrast with numerical scientific computing. We argue that many of the tools of high-performance(More)
OBJECTIVES Thyroid antibody positivity during pregnancy has been associated with adverse outcomes including miscarriage and preterm delivery. The aim of the study is to evaluate the obstetric outcome in pregnant women with recurrent miscarriage and their response to levothyroxine (l-T4) therapy. STUDY DESIGN AND METHODS All pregnant and non-pregnant women(More)
As India will ranks first in diabetes now and will continue to do so in 2025, we must prevent the disease by various measures. Before setting the programmes, we should have ample data on the population's knowledge, attitude and practice (KAP) of diabetes. There are some epidemiological studies from southern India, Mumbai and north India, but there is no KAP(More)
Interactive environments such as MATLAB and STAR-P have made numerical computing tremendously accessible to engineers and scientists. They allow people who are not well– versed in the art of numerical computing to nonetheless reap the benefits of numerical computing. The same is not true in general for combinatorial computing. Often, many interesting(More)