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Modeling and measuring attributes influencing DevOps implementation in an enterprise using structural equation modeling
The proposed framework facilitates the detailed assessment of eighteen attributes to identify key independent attributes and measure them to determine the maturity of DevOps implementation in an enterprise. Expand
Modelling and measuring code smells in enterprise applications using TISM and two-way assessment
This research paper presents a framework that engages in modelling and measuring various code smells so that practitioners can focus their efforts on most critical code smells and thus achieve higher code maintainability and quality. Expand
Exploring disaster recovery parameters in an enterprise application
Business Continuity Planning entails the policies and procedures that ensures the continuity of the business in an enterprise in case of an unplanned outage. Disaster Recovery is a subset of BusinessExpand
Near Real-time Optimization of Activity-based Notifications
In recent years, social media applications (e.g., Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter,Whatsapp) have created mobile applications (apps) to give their members instant and real-time access from anywhere. Expand
Measuring and evaluating data distribution strategies using an integrated approach of fuzzy based MOORA and AHP
Data distribution helps in achieving higher availability, reliability and increased performance of an enterprise application that is geographically dispersed. There are various data distributionExpand
Assessment of quality factors in enterprise application integration
In this paper authors have conducted the literature survey followed by the interviews of industry experts on the quality of enterprise application integration. Expand
Fine-Grained Access to Online Content for Virtual Communities
This paper describes Purple MediaWiki (PMWX), an extension of MediaWiki that supports fine-grained addressability of a knowledge repository. Expand
Prioritizing and Optimizing Disaster Recovery Solution using Analytic Network Process and Multi Attribute Utility Theory
This paper presents an integrated approach to selecting the best disaster recovery solution using analytic network process (ANP) and estimating optimal DRT using Multi-Attribute Utility Theory (MAUT). Expand
Purple MediaWiki : Fine-Grained Addressability of Wiki Content
Purple MediaWiki (PMWX) is an extension of MediaWiki that supports finegrained addressability. By making this feature available on MediaWiki it will be easier to support the many applications thatExpand
Fine-Grained Addressability to Support Large-Scale Collaborative Document Development
The Web has made it possible for large, distributed collaborations to develop sophisticated document bases. Expand