Viral G Jain

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AIM Phimosis is a common paediatric urological disorder and often necessitates circumcision. We prospectively evaluated local steroid therapy (LST) as the first choice therapy for such children. METHODS Two hundred and sixty symptomatic boys up to 15 years of age (mean 34 months) with phimosis were started on betamethasone dipropionate (0.05%) application(More)
Undescended testis (UDT) is seen in 3% to 5% of all newborn boys. Complications such as infertility and malignant transformation have been well documented in UDT. However, torsion of a UDT can also occur and the diagnosis is often missed or delayed, leading to loss of testis. This event may occur even before the currently recommended age for surgery, which(More)
STUDY QUESTION Are the anogenital distance (AGD) and stretched penile length (SPL) shorter in human newborn males with cryptorchidism? SUMMARY ANSWER AGD is significantly shorter in boys with undescended testis (UDT) and this correlation may indicate that both have a common antecedent early in gestation. WHAT IS KNOWN ALREADY Animal studies have(More)
PURPOSE To study the intraocular distribution and safety of polymethylmethacrylate nanoparticles loaded with carboplatin after posterior subtenon injection in humans. DESIGN Prospective, interventional, comparative case series. METHODS Six patients (mean age: 26.83 ± 7.5 years), scheduled to undergo planned uniocular enucleation in an institutional(More)
Transverse preputial onlay island flap urethroplasty (TPOIF) was described initially for distal hypospadias, but has seen extended application for proximal hypospadias. We describe a set of modifications in the technique and results in a large series of proximal hypospadias. All children who underwent TPOIF repair for proximal hypospadias (proximal penile,(More)
STUDY QUESTION Do pre-pubertal boys with hypospadias have a shorter anogenital distance (AGD) than boys with normal genitalia? SUMMARY ANSWER AGD is significantly shorter in boys with hypospadias and decreases with the severity of hypospadias. WHAT IS KNOWN ALREADY Animal studies have shown that androgen disruption and exposure to endocrine disrupting(More)
Recent studies have suggested that maternal characteristics can affect reproductive health of offspring, possibly through pre-natal hormonal influence. Anogenital distance (AGD) is an anthropometric measure which is a sensitive reproductive endpoint of masculinisation. It provides a read-out of pre-natal androgen exposure and has been associated with(More)
Inflammatory responses are controlled by signaling mediators that are regulated by various posttranslational modifications. Recently, transcription-independent functions for glucocorticoids (GC) in restraining inflammation have emerged, but the underlying mechanisms are unknown. In this study, we report that GC receptor (GR)-mediated actions of GC acutely(More)
BACKGROUND Code status (CS) of a patient (part of their end-of-life wishes) can be critical information in healthcare delivery, which can change over time, especially at transitions of care. Although electronic health record (EHR) tools exist for medication reconciliation across transitions of care, much less attention is given to CS, and standard EHR tools(More)