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PURPOSE To compare outcomes of conjunctival Müllerectomy with or without tarsectomy versus external levator advancement for correction of upper blepharoptosis when performed by trainee versus staff surgeons. DESIGN Retrospective, nonrandomized, interventional, consecutive case series. METHODS Charts of patients undergoing conjunctival Müllerectomy with(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the relationship between time to surgical intervention and extraocular motility outcomes in children following repair of an orbital floor fracture with inferior rectus entrapment. METHODS After institution review board's approval, a retrospective, consecutive case series of 28 children with unilateral orbital floor fractures entrapping(More)
PURPOSE To compare success rates of strabismus surgery that involves trainees versus those performed solely by staff surgeons. DESIGN Retrospective, comparative case series. SUBJECTS Patients undergoing eye muscle surgery for primarily horizontal deviations. METHODS Retrospective comparative case series of 543 patients (921 eyes) undergoing eye muscle(More)
Corneal transplantation is a common type of tissue transplantation that aims to improve vision or relieve pain. Given the immune privilege of the cornea, the primary graft often has a high success rate, approaching 90%. Despite the good overall outcome of corneal transplantation in various studies, the individual graft survival rate varies, depending on the(More)
Joubert syndrome is a congenital neurodevelopmental disorder primarily affecting the midbrain and hindbrain. It is characterized by ataxia, hypotonia, and developmental delay as well as apnea or abnormal ocular motor function. We describe and present a video of a child with Joubert syndrome with an alternating skew deviation in primary position rather than(More)
154 Ophthal Plast Reconstr Surg, Vol. 32, No. 2, 2016 To the Editor: We read the article by Perry et al. with keen interest. We wish to express following comments. Festoons of the eyelids are redundant folds of lax skin and orbicularis muscle involving upper or lower eyelids that are suspended from canthus to canthus. Attenuation of orbicularis oculi and(More)
Acute bacterial sinusitis is a common disease in the pediatric population that typically resolves without significant complications. Children who do suffer from complications involving the orbit or the brain often experience significant morbidity and potential mortality, typically requiring hospitalization for management. Numerous studies have demonstrated(More)
Autonomic dysfunction can be associated with pupillary abnormalities. We describe a rare association of tonic pupils, congenital central hypoventilation syndrome, and Hirschsprung disease in a newborn with a mutation in the PHOX2B gene, a key regulator of neural crest cells. Hirschsprung disease is characterized by the congenital absence of neural(More)