Vir Virander Phoha

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Talk is cheap. Show me the code. —Linus Torvalds An algorithm can be defined as a logical sequence of instructions for solving a problem in a finite sequence of steps. In wireless sensor networks, the design of algorithms becomes an important issue as energy and computational resources are scarce and therefore must be effectively put to good use. With the(More)
We propose a generalization of the classical M/M/1 queue process. The resulting model is derived by applying fractional derivative operators to a system of difference-differential equations. This generalization includes both non-Markovian and Markovian properties which naturally provide greater flexibility in modeling real queue systems than its classical(More)
Machine learning is used in a number of security related applications such as biometric user authentication, speaker identification etc. A type of causative integrity attack against machine le arning called Poisoning attack works by injecting specially crafted data points in the training data so as to increase the false positive rate of the classifier. In(More)
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