Vir Singh Mehta

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Blastomycosis is a chronic systemic fungal infection characteristically affecting the skin and lungs. Involvement of the central nervous system (CNS) is unusual, with cases generally presenting with meningitis, and rarely as intracranial mass lesion and solitary or multiple abscesses. Only two cases of intracranial extra-axial blastomycosis have been(More)
BACKGROUND Trans-cranial Doppler (TCD) studies after head injury have been done in the first 24 hours after injury and do not specify the exact interval between injury and time of recordings. We have studied cerebral blood flow changes in patients with severe head injury using serial TCD starting within 6 hours after trauma, and present our findings and its(More)
The authors report seven uncommon cases of paraganglioma of the cauda equina region with reference to their clinical, radiological, and pathological findings. The common presenting symptoms in all the patients were low backache with radiation to both thighs, sensory and motor deficits in four patients, and urinary retention in three patients. One patient(More)
Introduction The computed tomography (CT) guided stereotactic biopsy (STB) is considered as method of choice for biopsy of intracranial mass lesions. However, it's disadvantages are frame fixation, time requirement for transportation between CT scan suit to the operation theater with added much higher equipment cost in the relatively resource scarred(More)
Brainstem glioma usually carries a poor prognosis and prolonged survival is very infrequent. In a detailed Pubmed, Medline search for prolonged survival, authors could got a longest survival only up to seventeen years, reported by Umehara et al, who was subjected to gamma knife therapy and got symptomatic, MRI brain reveled large tumor growth during(More)
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