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We present a co-axial dual-core resonant leaky optical fibre design, in which the outer core is made highly leaky. A suitable choice of parameters can enable us to resonantly couple power from the inner core to the outer core. In a large-core fibre, such a resonant coupling can considerably increase the differential leakage loss between the fundamental and(More)
A large-mode-area single-mode optical fiber based on leaky-mode filtering was prepared by a modified chemical vapor deposition (MCVD) technique. The fiber has a leaky cladding that discriminates the fundamental mode from higher-order modes. A preliminary version has a 25 μm core diameter and 0.11 numerical aperture. A Gaussian-like mode with 22 μm mode(More)
—In this paper we present designs of fibers having non-zero positive, non-zero negative and near-zero ultra-flattened dispersion with small dispersion slope and ultra-large effective area over a wide spectral range. The designs consist of a concentric multilayer segmented core followed by a trench assisted cladding and a thin secondary core. The central(More)
We present a Dual Shape Large Core (DSLC) leaky optical fiber design for realization of large-mode area (LMA) single-mode (SM) operation. Fiber is characterized by specially designed core and cladding. Dual shape core and leaky cladding of the fiber is designed to make the fiber leaky only for the higher order modes. Mode filtering of all higher-order modes(More)
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