Vipin Ramani

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BACKGROUND Although statins do not affect the incidence of prostate cancer (CaP), usage reduces the risk of clinical progression and mortality. Although statins are known to downregulate the mevalonate pathway, the mechanism by which statins reduce CaP progression is unknown. METHODS Bone marrow stroma (BMS) was isolated with ethical approval from(More)
The 5T4 oncofoetal antigen is a heavily glycosylated cell surface protein found on human placental trophoblast and on diverse types of human cancer but is not expressed at significant levels on adult human tissues in health. It therefore satisfies the criteria for a tumour-associated antigen and is an ideal target for the immunotherapy of cancer. We report(More)
The objective in the Scenic Beauty Estimation (SBE) problem is to develop an automatic classification algorithm that matches human subjective ratings. Algorithms such as Principal Components Analysis (PCA) and Decision Trees (DT) have been applied to this problem with limited success, motivating our search for a better classifier. Since this is obviously a(More)
A valuable source of field diagnostic information for equipment service resides in the text notes generated during service calls. Intelligent knowledge extraction from such textual information is a challenging task. The notes are typically characterized by misspelled words, incomplete information, cryptic technical terms, and non-standard abbreviations, in(More)
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