Vipin Mohan Dan

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DEPTOR is an endogenous inhibitor of mTOR complexes, de-regulated in cancers. The present study reveals a vital role for DEPTOR in survival of cervical squamous cell carcinoma (SCC). DEPTOR was found to be overexpressed in both cervical SCC cells and tissues and it's silencing in cervical SCC cells induced apoptosis, mainly by up-regulation of p38 MAPK and(More)
Piriformospora indica, an endophyte of the Sebacinaceae family, promotes growth and seed production of many plant species, including Arabidopsis. Growth of a T-DNA insertion line in PYK10 is not promoted and the plants do not produce more seeds in the presence of P. indica, although their roots are more colonized by the fungus than wild-type roots.(More)
Climate change is the most far reaching of the great challenges of twenty-first century, particularly it is likely to affect agricultural ecosystems in many ways, but perhaps most notable is that it will affect different regions of the globe differently. Tropical regions—and thus developing countries—will generally be more severely affected than temperate(More)
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