Vipin Bhatnagar

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It was postulated by us that melanin biosynthesis cannot take place unless the melanosomal pH is acidic. That melanosomal pH may be acidic was suggested by other researchers as well. However, the actual pH was never determined. The current study was undertaken to estimate the intramelanosomal pH. Lightly melanized and heavily melanized melanosomes from B16(More)
B16 murine melanoma melanosomes were purified using sucrose density gradient centrifugation. ATPase activity was evaluated in presence of specific ATPase inhibitors, and compared with melanosome ATP-driven proton translocating activity in the melanosome. Mg2+ dependent ATPase activity was greatly inhibited (82%) by the specific inhibitors of vaculor proton(More)
B16/F10 murine melanoma cells were grown for 24 and 36 h in Dulbecco's modified Eagle medium in presence of 10-20 mM trisodium citrate. The intracellular melanin concentration and the melanin secreted in the extracellular medium was estimated. It is observed that 20 mM citrate stimulates extracellular melanin secretion in B16/F10 melanoma cells by 200% at(More)
The lentil (Lens culinaris Medik.) is a self-pollinated seed legume with cleistogamous flowers. A spontaneous open flower semi leaf-less mutant, was observed from segregating generation (F4) of a cross IPL 313 × RKL 1001 in which reproductive organs were not enclosed by the keel petals and thus remained exposed. Leaves on this mutant plant was very less and(More)
The Chairman welcomed the members and experts of Registration Committee and recalled the services extended by Dr. J. P. Singh, Joint Director (Entomology) and appreciated his contribution made in various Meetings, then requested APPA & Secretary (CIB&RC) to take up the agenda, item-wise for discussions. Each issue was deliberated in detail and following(More)
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