Viorica Sofronie-Stokkermans

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Interpolation is an important component of recent methods for program verification. It provides a natural and effective means for computing separation between the sets of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ states. The existing algorithms for interpolant generation are proof-based: They require explicit construction of proofs, from which interpolants can be computed.(More)
The paper presents a modular superposition calculus for the combination of firstorder theories involving both total and partial functions. The modularity of the calculus is a consequence of the fact that all the inferences are pure – only involving clauses over the alphabet of either one, but not both, of the theories – when refuting goals represented by(More)
In this paper we study interpolation in local extensions of a base theory. We<lb>identify situations in which it is possible to obtain interpolants in a hierarchical manner,<lb>by using a prover and a procedure for generating interpolants in the base theory as black-<lb>boxes. We present several examples of theory extensions in which interpolants can(More)
This system description provides an overview of H-PILoT (Hierarchical Proving by Instantiation in Local Theory extensions), a program for hierarchical reasoning in extensions of logical theories with functions axiomatized by a set of clauses. H-PILoT reduces deduction problems in the theory extension to deduction problems in the base theory. Specialized(More)
In this paper we show that subsumption problems in many lightweight description logics (including EL and EL+) can be expressed as uniform word problems in classes of semilattices with monotone operators. We use possibilities of efficient local reasoning in such classes of algebras, to obtain uniform PTIME decision procedures for CBox subsumption in EL and(More)