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Rotation at 4, 10, 50 and 100 rpm on a horizontal clinostat and in microgravity exerts limited effects on the morphogenesis of lettuce and cress root statocytes and statoliths if compared with the vertical control or 1 g spaceflight reference centrifuge. However, the average distance of statoliths from the distal wall increases. The pattern of plastid(More)
Novel polythioetherimides bearing azobenzene moieties were synthesized from azobismaleimides and bis-2-mercaptoethylether. Kinetics of trans-cis photoisomerization and of thermal conversion of cis to trans isomeric forms were investigated in both polymer solution and poly(methyl methacrylate) doped films using electronic absorption spectroscopy. Thermal(More)
In order to investigate the movement of a statolith complex along the longitudinal axis of root cap statocytes under different mass accelerations, a series of experiments with Lepidium sativum L. in an automatically operating centrifuge during the Bion-11 satellite flight and on a centrifuge-clinostat have been performed. During spaceflight, roots were(More)
A fluorophore-photochrome system incorporating an aryleneimine type fluorophore and an azobismaleimide photochrome was developed and the photochemical properties of this system were investigated. The photoisomerization of trans-azoaromatic chromophore leads to the increase of the fluorescence intensity of fluorophore. The cis azobismaleimide isomers revert(More)
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