Viorel Popescu

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Wildlife data gathered by different monitoring techniques are often combined to estimate animal density. However, methods to check whether different types of data provide consistent information (i.e., can information from one data type be used to predict responses in the other?) before combining them are lacking. We used generalized linear models and(More)
Conservation of forest amphibians is dependent on finding the right balance between management for timber production and meeting species' habitat requirements. For many pond-breeding amphibians, successful dispersal of the juvenile stage is essential for long-term population persistence. We investigated the influence of timber-harvesting practices on the(More)
Vector (multichannel) signal processing has arisen in the last decades as a major area of interest. The classical single-channel (scalar valued) processing techniques cannot deal with the interchannel dependencies, yielding to the development of new methods. This paper investigates two approaches to the median filtering of vector valued signals: filtering(More)
Understanding wildlife movements and habitat selection are critical to drafting conservation and management plans. We studied a population of eastern Hermann’s tortoise (Testudo hermanni boettgeri) in a traditionally managed rural landscape in Romania, near the northern edge of the species geographic distribution. We used telemetry to radio-track 24(More)
Rapid climate change represents one of the top threats to biodiversity, causing declines and extinctions of many species. Range shifts are a key response, but in many cases are incompatible with the current extent of protected areas. In this study we used ensemble species distribution models to identify range changes for 21 reptile and 16 amphibian species(More)
The Natura 2000 network is regarded as one of the conservation success stories in the global effort to protect biodiversity. However, significant challenges remain in Natura 2000 implementation, owing to its rapid expansion, and lack of a coherent vision for its future. Scientific research is critical for identifying conservation priorities, setting(More)
BACKGROUND Spondyloarthritis (SpA) is associated with an array of peripheral manifestations. Our study aims to evaluate extra-articular manifestations of SpA in a Romanian academic clinical setting and to observe their associations with different disease measures. METHODS The study was designed to note the extra-articular manifestations of SpA patients in(More)
Ecological niche models (ENM) have been used with mixed success for predicting the geographic extent of non-native species to aid management and conservation. This approach is problematic for predicting invasions of patchily-distributed species (e.g., pond-breeding amphibians), whose occurrence is often determined by local habitat conditions. Here, we(More)
UNLABELLED Bevacizumab is a recombinant humanized monoclonal antibody directed against vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF). Though other VEGF inhibitors are being approved for the treatment of ophthalmological conditions, bevacizumab found its way into ophthalmology and clinical practice all around the world. The objective of this review is to present(More)